A beautiful sunset full of colors all around, copper and blue sky, always gives energy and a hope. A setting sun gives message that he will come again with new hopes and aspirations. He is going down to rise again. MR


Wow what a journey, Into the wilds on the thrones, We’ve come across miles, All the way along. We move ahead, while many hills we pass, Pebbles under the feet gushing streams over the heads. We never stopped never we tired, As if boost by each others power, Together we’re the strength Even storm couldn’t …

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Snow clad peaks

DJ used to say that he wanted to summit this peak. I was not surprised that he could do so because he is the Himalayan boy, born and brought up in the laps of these mountains. First time, Trilok and I met DJ at Lahaul in 2015 during our tour to Lahaul. He is actually …

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Journies never end

Life is an endless journey, it mustn’t be stopped till the end. Always get ready to sway with winds , holding your camera to capture the best moments of life.


जब वक़्त है मेरे पास तो तुम मशरूफ़ हो गए, कभी मैं तुम्हारे इंतज़ार में कभी तुम मेरे इंतज़ार में और ज़िंदगी यूँ ही तमाम हो गयी| MR


Though time doesn’t exist physically yet it has a great importance in life. We divided time according to our convenience into 24 hours, a day, a week, a month and an year and we are running in this cycle every moment of life. So is the formula of our age, in the calculation of this …

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